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If you want to make money from metal detecting, and I’m not just talking about a few pounds here and there its easy, you just need to master the hobby properly.

This is the hard part, if knowing how to make money from metal detecting was easy we would all be millionaires.

To make more money than other detectorists you need to be better than them of course, use every advantage at your finger tips, and most importantly you need to be persistent, don’t let bad days sap your enthusiasm, just picture it as a day nearer to your goal.

Knowing how to Make money from metal detecting comes down to persistence.

Over the years we all read about a few successful metal detectorists, these fall into 2 categories, the ones who have a lucky finds, a bit like winning the lottery, and the others who are very committed to the hobby and consistently find lots of things.

The type we are interested in is the second here, to get to this level takes a long time and a lot of effort, but the rewards speak for themselves.

I am lucky enough to know such as person, and the level of energy he puts into his metal detecting is staggering, I’m guessing there are quite a few of these detectorists around, they just prefer to remain pretty anonymous.

I asked what makes him so successful and his views on how to make money from metal detecting these are some of the points he highlighted.

1. Metal detecting is 60% actual metal detecting, and 40% research.

Detecting blindly is too much of a lottery, there is usually too much space to cover properly, knowing a sites history, or in the case of beaches knowing where to detect is the only way you going to find much more on average.

2. Everyone thinks metal detecting is easy, but detecting for long periods of time is physically and mentally exhausting, especially if you’re not finding a lot.

Work as light as possible, keep hydrated, eat well, rest properly the day before.

3. If a site is lucrative I will try to delve deeper into its history.

This way you can see what might turn up, and if it’s really worth putting much more time into it.

4. Beaches and beaches.

Knowing how to make money from metal detecting has to Beaches are my bread and butter, I have 6 beaches, plus others that I am still learning, that I visit regularly, especially during the colder months, once you learn where a beach deposits its treasures it gets replenished pretty frequently, and can be a reliable source of income.

5. Even the best researched site can sometimes offer very little.

What metal detector – how to make money from metal detecting

I remember finding a Celtic burial site which was not listed, this looked very good on paper, but turned out to be a real lemon of a site, no idea why, but if you get a site like this don’t put any more time into it, move onto your next.

6. I have a list of maybe sites which I research further.

Having a good list of sites to research is a must, having to rush your research does not usually pan out, it can be better to have say 10-20 sites to research and then properly research your next 2 or 3 sites properly.

7. I see many people detecting slowly across sites.

This is fine if you’re looking for the occasional single loss, but I prefer to scan the site pretty quickly putting together a picture of where the most concentrated areas of finds are, then I’ll cover the area much more methodically.

8. The best metal detectors.

I’ve never really bought into getting the latest metal detector, I usually upgrade around every 3 years, but it takes me that long to learn to use the thing properly, upgrading to early can just hamper your finds rate for a long time.

how to make money from metal detecting

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