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what is the deepest seeking metal detector

Looks like someone has missed a gold £5 coin

How_many manufacturers claim to make the deepest seeking metal detector ?

Not many, if any would claim their model is the deepest seeking metal detector they would then need to substantiate this bold claim.

And if they could we would all by one, and every manufacturer under the sun would simply reverse engineer it and build their own.

And currently as the market stands there is a pretty even spread of market share amongst the most popular manufacturers.

You have to bear in mind just about every high end metal detector uses the same technology, manufacturers then tweak it and add their own bells and whistles.

If you’re buying any high end metal detector from one of the trusted makes you can be sure you’re getting a deep seeking metal detector, personally I prefer Tesoro, but I have friends who swear by Fisher, Garrett, and several other makes, but this is my preference as I’ve used Tesoro machines for many years.

And to be perfectly honest we generally all recover around the same amount of finds.

Increasing the depth of your metal detector

Of course we all want the deepest seeking metal detector possible..

Adding a larger search coil will mean your metal detector will be able to penetrate deeper into the ground.

Keeping sensitivity as low as possible, there is a fine balance between too much and too little sensitivity; I generally have mine as high as possible.

Discrimination should also be set as low as possible, the higher the discrimination the more search depth will be reduced, plus even semi deep finds may be rejected if close to other trashy objects.

Good headphones are a must, the difference between standard and purpose made metal detecting headphones makes a big difference which is worth the extra cost, I still use my trusty Wrights headphones which quieten surface sounds and amplify deeper sounds.

Keeping the search head close to the ground, but not actually dragging it over the ground also makes a difference, remember if the search coil is an inch above the ground it could mean losing half an inch in the ground.

All of these tips added together could result in an extra 20-60% better search depth

When you’re getting a new metal detector, if you’re after one of the deepest seeking metal detectors it will cost you a premium so you need to be sure your getting the right machine for you, the only way to do this is to actually try before you by.

Go along to your local metal detector specialist shop and spend some time testing them, all good shops are more than happy to help you find a machine that’s right for you.

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