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what metal detectorWhat metal detector – Metal detecting is one of those hobbies that most people try at least once, many people myself included made the transition from fishing to metal detecting, and I can see why the two hobbies attract the same types of people, as the two are pretty similar in several respects.

When choosing what metal detector is right for you this is a decision which must not be taken lightly.

Magazines and online auctions and other sales websites abound with this type of expensive mistake.

Any reputable shop will allow you to spend as much time as you need to make sure your choosing a metal detector that’s right for you.

If you belong to a club, who generally finds the most?

Is it always the people with the latest and greatest machines?

In most cases it’s the most dedicated who really reap the rewards; one of the most successful metal detectorists I have had the privilege to meet was a guy called Bill, he used a C-Scope 990b, I asked him at the time why he never upgraded, and he replied because it does its job.

And that it did, using very low discrimination settings he had a very good valuables vs. junk dig rate.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for newer machines which offer less interference, better depth and junk elimination, and more chance of success, but like all metal detectors regardless of whether you have the very latest or an older model of machine if you can’t use it properly you’ll be needlessly leaving a whole lot in the ground.

Metal detectors are machines that can be used in a number of ways..

  • Turn on accept presets and off we go.
  • Keep on turning up the discrimination until you dig no more junk (the problem with this is, you will be missing a whole lot of good stuff, and the more discrimination you use the less depth your machine will go)
  • Keep the discrimination as low as possible, dig up junk, but miss much less of the good items, plus this is a good way to listen and learn rather than relying on your metal detectors discrimination.

Metal detectors are complicated machines that can of course simply be switched on and go, but learning to get the most from them is an art that does take a while.

Learning to listen for the little sounds such as deep items, coins on their sides, or valuable items surrounded by junk, finding items on sites that have supposedly been wiped clean, this all takes time.

Apart from the financial cost of choosing what metal detector you also have to consider your time as well, as we said earlier mastering a metal detector can take a long time, but if you have a good metal detector, and are prepared to put the time into learning how to use it properly you will not only have a big advantage over most other detectorists, but your find rate will increase dramatically.

Metal detecting is a partnership between you and your metal detector.

Metal detecting is one of those hobbies where you really do get out what you put in, if your just starting out and choosing a metal detector, or looking for a replacement machine if your prepared to put the time in, there is no question, you will reap the rewards.

Over the years some of the items I have found, and have witnessed others finding have been very nice to say the least, I’m sure you’ve read in papers about people finding priceless hoards and other various treasures; well apparently this has not even scratched the surface, there is reputed to be around 5 x the wealth in the ground as currently in circulation.

What metal detector


  1. Mike says:

    Same for me, literally all my club mates were previously, or still are keen fishermen. The feeling of finding a silver roman definately beats catching any fish, no matter how big.

  2. Garrett says:

    Your right, i was a keen course angler for over 30 years, but since starting metal detecting i’ve not touched it now for over 10 years.

    Fishing is nice and relaxing, but so is metal detecting, but i prefer finding coins and other treasures as opposed to catching fish, plus i get more exercise this way.


  3. Rowise says:

    I would like to get a new metal detector to replace my Tesoro Gold Sabre as its falling apart, any ideas what i should consider?

  4. JoanA says:

    Stick with Tesoro so you will still be more or less familiar with the machine, consider something like DeLeón which is a very good machine, but does cost the earth.

  5. Kelvin says:

    I agree stick with the brand your familiar with unless your really not happy with them, but i guess as you must have had the gold sabre for so long, i’ve been a Fisher user since the year dot, and inbetween have tried to use, C-Scope, Minelab, Goldscan, could not get on with any of them, so went back to Fisher and have stayed with them since.

  6. Kjenni says:

    Horses for courses, i love my Garrett GTI 2500, it was not a cheap machine by any means, but target id, depth, ease of use are really amongst the best around, i think with detectors there really is not a lot between each manufacturers flagship machine, but machines unders this level do show a difference in terms of less depth, target id and overall find rate.


  7. fieldstrider says:

    Can you review any metal detectors, your side has some good articles, but some specifics like buyers guides will be a good thing.

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